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Re: Getting Started ..... NOT

To: "Tony C. Wu" <>
Subject: Re: Getting Started ..... NOT
From: Eric Kimminau <>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 15:44:55 -0500
Organization: Silicon Graphics, Inc
References: <Pine.GSO.3.96.980313030936.24023A-100000@sparc>
Tony C. Wu wrote:

> 2.1.72_NOSL: put me in repair fs mode, but i can't change anything.
>              It said it couldn't read superblock on /dev/sdb

Re-read the HOWTO wehere it tells you how to remount / read-write
Ive gotten this far as well. I then could ifconfig my ethernet interface
and add the necessary routing information to talk to the network, but I
couldn't ever actually get it to talk. I could ping myself but nothing
else. I assumed this was because I didn't have things like inetd, rc
scripts to start things, etc...

My next step was to then pull down all of the mips RPMS to the 1st disk
running linux, and I was going to then try to mount the first disk after
booting Linux off of the second disk - then installing all of the RPM's
- but I haven't gotten there yet.

It would be REALLY nice, if someone could take their installed system,
tar/cpio the whole ball of wax and put it up for download.


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