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Netbooting Questions

Subject: Netbooting Questions
From: "Chris. Rupnik" <>
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 98 18:37:01 EST
Mailer: Elm [revision:]
Hi All,
 I am attempting to netboot my MIPS machine. I have bfs running, now i am 
 just looking for something to boot!

 This is what i get on the serial console. Note that the machine is in
 big endian mode.

 Rx4230 MIPS Monitor: Version 5.60 OPT-EB Wed Jun 17 11:23:28 PDT 1992 root

 now, from the instructions that Paul Antoine wrote about a year ago,
 the correct command to boot would be 

 boot -f bfs()_filename_

 ok, so here we go

 >> boot -f bfs()coco       
 No server for coco                                                             
 couldn't load bfs()coco                                                        

 That is cool , as there is nothing in the directory called coco

 but, i need a first stage loader, i believe, like the SASH that is 
 installed by RISC/OS. I have access to an SGI Webforce, but it does not
 have any sash on the machine. I also cannot mount the IRIX install cd in
 any other machine. The CD is not in CD9660 format, it appears.

 So , i am looking for a little advice on getting to the next step. If anyone
 has any ideas, please let me know!


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