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A Comment Regarding Your WebSite

To: <>
Subject: A Comment Regarding Your WebSite
From: Tony Glavin <>
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 1998 15:23:52 +0000
Hi, I found you from visiting your website. I noticed that you were selling a 
product or a service. I have been helping businesses ELIMINATE THE NEED TO FILE 
A TAX RETURN by setting up the business as a Pure Trust. And I have copies of 
letters from the IRS that document this position.

A Pure Trust is based on Constitutuinal Law, and as such, is not under the 
jurisdiction of any government agency, including the IRS (We have a 20 page 
report to send you on this). Basically, once you set up your business under a 
Pure Trust, you gain the following advantages:

* No need to file a business tax return or face an audit
* Asset Protection from seizures, judgements, lawsuits, bankruptcy and other 
* No need to pay self employment taxes on business income
* The ability to receive an annual gift of $10,000 each for you and your spouse 
tax free
* The ability to open up a checking account under the name of the Trust

A Pure Trust can replace a Corporation or a Partnership. It also prevents you 
from getting sued personally for things your business does. It also saves you a 
lot of time and money by not having to figure out every deduction you are going 
to try to take to reduce your taxes. If you have just $10,000 in business 
profit, you will save $1500 in self employment taxes alone by not having to 
file a return!

As I said, we have copies of actual letters from the IRS documenting this 
position. This is not some right-wing radical anti-tax campaign. It is simply 
an education of your right to contract under Article 10 of the US Constitution. 
We are also not advocating not filing a personal tax return either, simply 
using a loophole of the IRS to structure your business in a way that they will 
agree has no tax reporting requirements.

If you set up your business as a Pure Trust, there are certain rules you must 
follow to maintain the purity of the trust. We teach you all those in our 
package. We have put together a package for you that contains the following:

* A copy of the IRS letters
* How to apply for a Tax ID # without the need for a filing requirement
* A 20 page report on how the Pure Trust benefits you and your family
* The actual Pure Trust package on disk (produce as many as you need)

The total price of this package is $195. If you are going to pay more than this 
in Federal Taxes, you would be wise to purchase it. As a bonus, if you are 
marketing on the Internet, we will include the following freebies:

* The ability to accept checks over the Internet directly without the need to 
print up checks. We are waiving the normal $50 set up fee. There is NO monthly 
fee for this, only a 75 cent transaction charge.

* A secure order form for your product(s) that you sell on the Internet. We are 
waiving our normal $50 set up fee. There is NO monthly fee, only a $1 per 
transaction charge.

If you are interested in this, please call our 24 hour voice mail line at 
215-552-8927. I would say send me an email, but someone will probably get my 
account cancelled, even though I am not sending out mass email. Please note 
that you are NOT on any list. I simply found your web page and am sending you 
this message.

Thanks again for your attention.

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