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Trouble in making swap area

Subject: Trouble in making swap area
From: Masashi Sasahara/笹原正司 <>
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 15:32:38 -0800
Hello. I'm Masashi Sasahara @ Toshiba America, joined this
mailling-list today.

  I'm trying to install linux onto indy using vmlinux-970916-efs
and Linux-installer-0.1d which is on
  Actually I failed to start "installer" so I extracted
root-be-0.03 by hand. So I managed to install everything in
root-be-0.01.cpio. but I'm having a problem on creating swap

  As far as I searched in the archive of this mailing list,
mkswap should be in root-be-xxx distribution, right? But I
couldn't find that even in the older root-be- files in old/.

  Where can I get mkswap or how can I make swap?


Masashi Sasahara

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