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Re: wd33c93 errors.

Subject: Re: wd33c93 errors.
From: Michael Hill <>
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 20:28:50 -0500
In-reply-to: <>
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Alex deVries writes:
 > On Thu, 22 Jan 1998, Alan Cox wrote:
 > > > repartitioned it from Irix, and mounted it as an EFS partition under Irix
 > > > just fine.  That would seem to indicate that everything is alright with
 > > Including rewriting it ?
 > Ah, I tried that specifically, and had problems too with Irix.  So, the
 > disk is toast, and it'll go back to the storage room I found it in (along
 > with an AXP).

The 1 G drive I posted about last week was made visible to IRIX by
modifying wd93_syncenable and wd93_syncperiod in
/var/sysgen/master.d/wd93 before recompiling the IRIX kernel.  Does
anyone know of similar changes to the Linux source that would prevent
the system from hanging on startup with the following message?

 sending SDTR 0103013f0csync_xfer=2cscsi : aborting command due to timeout : 
pid 7, scsi0, channel 0, id 3, lun 0 Inquiry 00 00
scsi0: Aborting connected command 7 - stopping DMA - sending wd33c93 ABORT 
command - flushing fifo - asr - 20, sr=ff, 16777215 by
 - sending wd33c93 DISCONNECT command - asr = 20, sr=18.

If this is a bug, as Alan said, maybe there's hope for my drive, as
well as the one Alex has.


Michael Hill
Toronto, Canada

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