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Re: root-be-0.03.tar.gz

To: Alex deVries <>
Subject: Re: root-be-0.03.tar.gz
From: Mike Shaver <>
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 19:38:31 +0000
Cc: SGI Linux <>
Organization: Package Reflectors
References: <>
Alex deVries wrote:
> I can already see some things that should go into 0.04..

It would be nice if there was a really minimal root-be with just enough
to get a network configured and then start pulling stuff down via RPM. 
That was my goal with the Linux-installer, although we could have two
versions, too.
> Some things to work on:
> - get a more modern version of vmlinux with efs for both scache'd and
>   non-scache'd machines

I _must_ start working on EFS again.  I assume I've missed the 2.2
freeze, but I could still help a lot of people by getting off my a** and
finishing it.  My apologies to those who are waiting on it.

> - make Linux-installer-0.1c with root-be-0.03.tar.gz (with Mike's
>   permission)

Note that you'll have to make a cpio of it, because that's all the
installer understands.  Also, if you talk to Alan about how to fix the
installer to do devices correctly, things will get a little simpler.

> - document all this (damn, I wish I had another SCSI disk to practice
>   installs)

I have one, and the work Indy survived the layoffs (woohoo!), so I'll be
back to work on that stuff shortly (cross your fingers =) ).


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