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Re: M$ 's strategy against Linux: nightmare scenario

To: Ariel Faigon <>
Subject: Re: M$ 's strategy against Linux: nightmare scenario
From: cypher <>
Date: Sat, 6 Dec 1997 18:26:41 -0500 (U)
Cc: Mike Acar <>,
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On Fri, 5 Dec 1997, Ariel Faigon wrote:

> To me the day MS starts using legal threats and acquisitions in order
> to stop Linux can be declared the day Linux has won.  Unfortunately
> for us Linux lovers, before Wine can run _all_ the Win32 apps without
> _any_ problem (not so close IMHO) and before Linux has a dumb-user GUI
> that really hides all the incredible (for the average Windows user)
> Unix complexities from the majority of the user base it doesn't have
> a chance of world domination, not even in the enterprise servers
> low-end space.

Does this need to be some kind of project then? (Not that I haven't
thought of this already). I realize the KDE and Gnome people are out 
and making fairly decent ground on the WM problem, but maybe this type of
effort should go deeper into the kernel, kinda like BeOS or Rhapsody... 
These are UN*X like oses that are trying to cater to the "I don't give a
shit" crowd of users who don't want to learn anything too indepth about
there computers or who don't have time to deal with stuff because there
trying to work on higher level problems (many academic people, etc.).

What would it take to come up with a Linux distribution in this sort of
flavor that could still use kernel patches and old legacy apps, but also
might have a more standarized GUI/development environment. All this of
course still with a GPL/FreeSoftware attitude...

I know Linus talked about the usability of linux in atlanta this past
summer, so your average joe wouldn't have to deal with such a steep
learning curve, compared to MacOS and Windows... 

> Excellent and valid point.  Note that there are new forces on the
> rise which directly clash with Intel interests.  I'm refering to
> both the existing National-Semiconductor + Cyrix merger and AMD,
> and to the (about 9 at last count) startups working on x86 compatible
> designs.  The next few years will be interesting and Intel might very
> probably not emerge as the winner.

On these lines what about the stuff that Digital is now doing with Intel.
Digital has been pretty good to the linux community... maybe thats our

> -- 
> Peace, Ariel

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