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Update ...

Subject: Update ...
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 1997 18:07:17 +0100
135mb rpm packages and maybe 20mb tarballs waiting to be uploaded.  Plus
a small pile of tarballs ...  Problems still to solve:

  - a change in the kernel makes die under certain circumstances.
  - RedHat's sh-utils package is broken, it's pam support  doesn't compile.
  - When building the binutils 2.8.1-1 rpm cc1 dies with signal 6.
    Strange, because the same package works great on the little endian
    boxes and GCC actually shouldn't contain byteorder problems.
  - the Emacs srpm refuses to he compiled on big endian machines
  - I think I found the bug causing the large number of timouts the Seeq
    driver is signalling.  Haven't tested it, my kernel sources are in the
    other end of the universe, under IRIX and I don't feel like rebooting ...
  - timekeeping seems to be pretty broken, I saw my clock doing 10h in
    three hours of uptime.
  - the console code is somehow broken.  Occasionally it writes garbage
    characters under the lowest line that normally is used.  When the
    screenblanker is active one can see it writing garbage characters
    on other places of the screen.  Aside it's crawling, scrolling in less
    reminds of a Sparc console of a slow Sparc.  Furthermore I suspect
    the console is also the cause of the memory corruption I occasionally

Fixing #1 is the most important.  It breaks recompiling libc as well as
the library dependency generation in RPM for all packages.  RPM, btw. is
dumb and continues without noticing ...


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