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A report from the battle field...

Subject: A report from the battle field...
From: Alex deVries <>
Date: Sat, 29 Nov 1997 19:44:47 -0500 (EST)
In-reply-to: <>
My machine is now almost fully self-hosting. It's an Indy with a 4600
version 2.0 CPU, running Mike's EFS kernel 2.1.55.

Okay, two significant bugs I'd like to report:

1. When I try to FTP a lot of files to it, it complains about "eth0: ".  I
guess it's just going too quick.  The file then becomes corrupt.  The
somewhat odd solution is for me to FTP the file over a slower network.
Instead of grabbing the file from the machine 30cm away, I grab it from, and it's fine. Would someone by chance have a newer
precompiled kernel?

2. Execution errors on various programs:
- bash: 
do_page_fault() #2: sending SIGSEGV to bash for illegal readaccess
from 000000d0 (epc ==0fb676c0, ra == 0fb676a0)
- pico (part of pine):
do_page_fault() #2: sending SIGSEGV to pico for illegal readaccess from
from 000000d0 (epc ==0fb676c0, ra == 0fb676a0)
- mingetty: 
unix_gc: deferred due to low memory

All these binaries are from the RPMs.

And other things:
- /proc/cpuinfo says it's a blazing 137.63 Bogomips, but if feels about
like a 486-33. Perhaps this means nothing. Also, under "system type" it
says "You'd like to know unknown".  Let me tell you, I _know_ what it's
like to be unknown.
- when I try and do a control-alt-delete, it says that it's flushing the
cache, and that's it.

- Alex

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