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Re: Pentium F00F bug Linux workaround; BSDI Response

Subject: Re: Pentium F00F bug Linux workaround; BSDI Response
From: "David S. Miller" <>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 15:23:46 -0800
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I'm going to choose more lightly what I decide to post here if it's
going to make it's way to every tom, dick, and harry out there in the
unix industry...

Fact is that Intel was trying to make sure _no_ vendor had a fix out
before anyone else.  If it was not explicitly stated in the NDA they
signed with Intel, this was a mistake and not what was intended.

Now that you've talked to Borman about this fish, ask him why he had
to take the patch set down within a day or so.  If he says "because it
was a BETA patch set", I'd find his response hard to believe.

Intel engineers internally were working themselves on fixes for
various systems that they did have source to (Linux, maybe
{net,free}BSD and a few others) and planned to release those patch
sets and allow vendors to release their own patches at the same exact

BSDI putting out their patch ahead of that point in time was, if
anything, totally against how Intel wanted things happen.

David S. Miller

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