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Re: SGI / Linux

Subject: Re: SGI / Linux
From: (Alan Cox)
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 22:29:40 +0000 (GMT)
In-reply-to: <> from "Ariel Faigon" at Nov 12, 97 01:31:42 pm
>       1) Remotely (bootp) all filesystem remote
>          (relatively easy, but slow)
>       2) Create local efs or e2fs filesystems and boot
>          from local disk. This is preferred but currently
>          requires some bootstrapping complex steps
>          (and completing the efs linux support by Mike Shaver)

        3) Alan's semi-mythical and slightly buggy ext2installer tool

        This is the one that should ideally get documented - and debugged 8)

        I'll put some bits up soon, but because the tools have to work
        with file definitions different to the host OS, its a horrible
        horrible hack.

On other points anyone currently working on merging to 2.1.63, and the
status on the dynamic link bugs and X11 - Any chance of a serverless
XFree86 build set for the SGI yet - that'll let me build most of the
remaining RPMs


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