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Re: Majordomo results: (no subject)

Subject: Re: Majordomo results: (no subject)
From: Maciek Dyczkowski <>
Date: Fri, 10 Oct 1997 15:17:14 +0200
Organization: CADsystem MIASTOPROJEKT
References: <>
I was able to get my new OS running over the net. Kernel loads, NFS
mounts root filesystem and .... this is all I can
do. The next step should be :

1. Mount your local disks.... how can I do that? How can I mount disks
on SGI/Linux? Do I need to format my
drive? What tools should I use?

2. Download all RPMS .... done

3. use command ' rpm --root=/mnt -Uvh *rpm ' ..... even I couldn't mount
my drive I checked, whether I could use rpm
command - it just doesn't exist in my root filesystem. Anybody has any
experiences with installing SGI/Linux?

Thank you for ANY help!

Maciek Dyczkowski

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