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Re: Indy netboot problems

Subject: Re: Indy netboot problems
From: Alistair Lambie <>
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 12:50:18 +1200
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Charles Lepple wrote:
> Hello all,
> Sorry to bother you if this is a routine question, but I read the FAQ, and
> therein lies my problem.
> I'm trying to make an Indy netboot, but I'm not too familiar with the new
> monitor (let's just say that I knew sifex much better...Anyone remember the
> IRIS 3130s?). I need a way to correct the HW address, since it appears to be
> set to '0:0:FF:FF:0:0', and it is complaining about it.
> Is there any other way to change nvram settings except through the
> setenv/printenv commands?

You can not change this with setenv.  If it is '0:0:FF:FF:0:0' there is
a fault and you need to get the motherboard replaced.  It is probably
the 'Dallas Chip' that is the problem.  I have twice seen where a pin
gets bent on this and it returns funny MAC if you have
some hardware knowledge it may be worth checking that it is seated
correctly and the pins are not bent.

Cheers, Alistair

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