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Indy netboot problems

Subject: Indy netboot problems
From: Charles Lepple <>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 1997 17:37:26 -0400
Hello all,
Sorry to bother you if this is a routine question, but I read the FAQ, and 
therein lies my problem.

I'm trying to make an Indy netboot, but I'm not too familiar with the new 
monitor (let's just say that I knew sifex much better...Anyone remember the 
IRIS 3130s?). I need a way to correct the HW address, since it appears to be 
set to '0:0:FF:FF:0:0', and it is complaining about it.

Is there any other way to change nvram settings except through the 
setenv/printenv commands?

I hope to be contributing to this project soon, but I'm off to a fairly rocky 
start ;-)

Thanks in advance,

--Charles Lepple, <>

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