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Task list --preliminary list

Subject: Task list --preliminary list
From: Miguel de Icaza <>
Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 21:32:19 -0500
Here is a preliminary task list of things that should be done for a
complete Linux/MIPS port, right now it includes by personal favorites
and I am working on some of those bits, but some of the other can be
done now, I have a copy of this at:


[9]  Get more userland programs compiled in RPM form

[9]  Merging the latest GNU libc releases.

[9]  Get the X libraries compiled.

[5]  Getting SGI mouse to work.

[5]  Test the STREAMS implementation of the mouse.

[6]  Figure why init is setting the sigprocmask to a value different
     from 0.  This disables the debugger (SIGTRAP is disabled for
     all child processes).

[7]  Getting IRIX X server to accept connections.

Please, send me additions to this list.

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