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Re: EFS question

To: Mike Shaver <>
Subject: Re: EFS question
From: "William J. Earl" <>
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 1997 18:33:19 -0700
Cc: (Linux/SGI list)
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Mike Shaver writes:
 > Just to make sure I understand this correctly:
 > - when an inode has <= EFS_DIRECTEXTENTS extents, they're stored directly
 > in the inode.
 > - when an inode has > EFS_DIRECTEXTENTS extents, the extents in the
 > inode refer to contiguous block regions that contain extents referring
 > to the real data.
 > The EFS code that Alan posted, in addition to having a curious
 > aversion to structures, seemed to think that the first 4 bytes of
 > dinode->di_u were the block number of a block containing extents, and
 > thus doesn't work very well with files with numext >
 > EFS_DIRECTEXTENTS.  I just want to ensure that I make a sane fix.

      The above is correct.  When there are indirect extents,
the offset field of the first indirect extent in the inode
contains the number of indirect extents, not a file offset.

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