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Linux/SGI /dev/opengl magic ioctl

Subject: Linux/SGI /dev/opengl magic ioctl
From: Miguel de Icaza <>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 1997 22:48:59 -0500
Hello guys,

   Ok, 2 questions 2 for tonight :-).

   Ok, I am getting close, just out of curiosity, what does the ioctl
cmd=1 do on the /dev/opengl device?  

   If the ioctl does not return 3, the X server complains.  Right now
I have this nice piece of code in the graphics driver:

        switch (cmd){

        case 1:
                return 3;
    which is not exactly what I would like to have, so any comments
are appreciated.

    Second question: what does the GFX_LABEL ioctl do on the
/dev/opengl device?  I am missing this one in my implementation.

    I am around 100 system calls far from getting a nice display on
Linux/SGI X. 


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