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Re: Power Series?

To: (Mike Shaver)
Subject: Re: Power Series?
From: (Steve Rikli)
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 13:36:37 -0700 (PDT)
In-reply-to: <> from "Mike Shaver" at Aug 15, 97 04:20:45 pm
Mike Shaver wrote:
> Are the Power Series boxes of interest to me? =)
> I may be able to get my hands on a 3-processor fridge-sized Power
> Series something, and if it's a MIPS system, I just might give it a
> shot.

They're respectable machines, depending on the flavor/color.  ;)

Are you sure it's really 3p ?  Most of the fridge-sized POWER Series
(you might also hear them referred to as "Predators" or "4D" systems)
had CPU cards which were 2p each, up to a max (AFAIK) of 8p per
system.  Though there was the 4D/210GTX which were sold in droves,
from what I hear.

In general, the 4D/XX0 nomenclature works like this:

        4D/340 == 4 33MHz R3000 CPUs
        4D/480 == 8 40MHz R3000 CPUs

You get the idea.  Also in general, the fridge-sized POWER Series
cards were/are compatible with the deskside POWER Series, though
there were backplane differences (primarily just the # of slots
available, but there were a few other subtleties).

Personally, I'd *love* to see Linux running on the POWER series,
since I can likely get my hands on a deskside 4D/440 pretty
easily.  ;-)

If you need more info about the configuration of the POWER series
systems/chassis let me know and I might be able to help out.

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