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Re: linus accessible from within SGI

Subject: Re: linus accessible from within SGI
From: "David S. de Beer" <>
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 1997 15:46:51 +0300
Cc: Ariel Faigon <>
Organization: Silicon Graphics
References: <>
Ariel Faigon wrote:

> In the case of perl it is easy to cross the firewall by simply
> using a proxy. i.e. you don't need to SOCSify you perl since
> the proxy (which is SOCKsified) does the job for you.
> Enclosed below is a (http) 'GET' script that uses one possible
> SGI proxy when given the -e option. The method uses is the name
> of the script so you may symlink it to 'HEAD' for example.
> --
> Peace, Ariel


Wow, great :) Do you perhaps have a perl script for ftp as well?

Also, I've looked around for a xftp client that works with socks and can also 
recursive directories. Is there something like this available?

Thank you kindly.


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