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par and us*

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Subject: par and us*
From: Mike Shaver <>
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 1997 11:19:35 -0400 (EDT)
I've got a simple lock-contention program that I'm using to see how
the usema stuff works.

When I try to run the program under par, though, it only lets me trace
one of the invocations:

1 [shaver@linus ~/work/usema]$ par -s -SS -l -o lock-p.par ./lock p
1 Creating new lock.
1 Storing lock.
1 Getting lock.
1 Waiting...

(now I start the second one)
2 [shaver@linus ~/work/usema]$ par -s -SS -l -o lock-c2.par ./lock c
2 Cannot syscall trace pid 23779:Resource busy
2 Finding existing lock.
2 Getting lock.
2 [shaver@linus ~/work/usema]$

(back to the shell!)
(release the lock on the first invocation)
1 Releasing lock.
1 Exiting
1 [shaver@linus ~/work/usema]$ 

(and now I get more output from the second invocation)
2 [shaver@linus ~/work/usema]$ Waiting...
2 Releasing lock.
2 Exiting

Under normal circumstances (no par), I have to press enter on the
second one as well for it to release the lock and exit.  When par is
doing its (arguably weird, maybe broken) thing, I don't have to do

Is this a known problem?


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