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Pending fixes

Subject: Pending fixes
From: Miguel de Icaza <>
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 1997 12:30:46 -0500
Hello guys,

    Here is a smallish list of tasks that should be done, for those
that want to start coding some bits:

        - Find and fix this bug:  

cat > argv-bad.c << EOF
main (int argc, char *argv []){ printf ("%s\n", argv [0]); }
gcc argv-bad.c -o argv-bad

        - NFS is crashing after heavy usage.  This is not the same 
          problem that the 2.1 tree has on the intel.  Every time it
          crashes on me it fails around the end of do_bottom_half.

        - Fix the ethernet driver, it is timing out too frequently.

        - Look up the semaphore IRIX api from the developers toolbox
          in, figure out how these C functions use the
          /dev/usema and /dev/usemaclone devices.  

        - If you feel like it, implement those devices ;-)

   I personally installed lots of Ralf's RPMS on my Indy and compiled
some more programs to prepare for debugging the Xsgi IRIX server, with
the exception of the semaphore devices, the mouse and the newport
context switch code, everything else is ready now.  I will work on
getting gdb up next, since I refuse to debug this beast with
printf/printk :-).


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