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Possible X solutions.

Subject: Possible X solutions.
From: (John Wiederhirn)
Date: Thu, 24 Jul 1997 13:56:34 -0700
Has anyone considered perhaps partnering with either Metrolink
or Xi Graphics (makers of Accelerated-X) and having _them_ be
the providers of the X server for SGI?

It would seem to provide some benefits...

A.  Allows us to keep gfx security.  Neither Metrolink nor
    Xi Graphics releases the source code to their servers,
    and we should be able to get them into some form of a
    confidentiality agreement.

B.  Gives us a venue by which SGI can provide optimized
    versions of OpenGL for Linux/Intel.  This is what we
    could bring to the table.

C.  Lends additional credibility to the Linux/SGI port.

Just an idea.

John Wiederhirn (DSD, Graphics Kernel MTS)
       "Smithers, unleash the human insight and creativity."

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