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Pointers on how to get started

Subject: Pointers on how to get started
From: Emmanuel Mogenet <>
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 09:54:34 -0700
Organization: Nothing Real, LLC

I have this 2gig drive sitting on my desk next to my Indy and
doing nothing, so I figured I should try to install sgi-linux,
see if the thing boots, and maybe put togehter a few RPM's
on my own

Unfortunately, at this point in the project, the "How to get
started" part is kind of not written anywhere.

I think if someone could whip together a quick 5 steps to booting an
Indy under Linux and post them on, it'd
be great, especially for people like me who are more the userland type.

I have access to a i586-SCSI Linux system on the same network as
my Indy, so I guess it should make things easier (booting diskless
and/or making an efs filesystem on my SCSI disk on the PC)


        - Mgix (Hi ariel, I'm still around :) )

Emmanuel Mogenet <>                       PGP Key on

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