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Linux/SGI Questions for Monday.

Subject: Linux/SGI Questions for Monday.
From: Miguel de Icaza <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 1997 20:02:12 -0500
Hello guys,

   Ok, I got my copy of the SGI documentation, and here I come with
lots of questions, so take a deep breath:

* Extra documentation
        It seems to me that some information on how the Newport works
        is decribed in a manual called 'Indy Graphics', Indy (TM)
        Technical Report, Ver 1.0, 1993.  

        I would love to get a copy of this document if at all

        The 'Display Control Bus Specification' would also be handy.

        The VC2 documentation suggests the later may be available on:

* Colors and the newport.

  ** Using 24-bit mode

        For some reason, I am not getting the colors I want on the

        I have tried to use the RGBA (32 bit) mode instead of loading
        the palette and using the color-indexed colors for drawing
        simple things on the screen without much success.

        Here is what I am doing:
                Set RGMMODE to 1 in the DRAWMODE1 register (this is
                supposed to use the colors loaded in COLORI).

                Set the PLANES to R/W RGBA planes
                Set the DRAWDEPTH to 24 bits.

        It still seems to be using the color pallette that IRIX loaded
        for me.

  ** Slope Red/Green/Blue.

        I could not find any reference to the use of these registers.
        Nor what are they supposed to do in the documentation.  

  ** PUP

        What in the world is a PUP?  It is some kind of plane 
* Clipping and Masking

        Could someone transcribe me the last paragraph from page 26
        of the "Preliminary REX3 sepecification".  The copy I got is
        offseted in this region, and thus did not make into my copy.

* Context switching the graphics context.

        Is there any way to stop the currently executing REX3 command
        so that I can save the graphics context.  

        Or should I just assume that saving the context and letting
        the REX3 finish the command even if we jump and do some other
        stuff that restoring the context will do the right thing?

Ok, I am now going to keep playing with the newport now :-)


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