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Quick shmiq question.

Subject: Quick shmiq question.
From: Miguel de Icaza <>
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 1997 23:28:17 -0500
Hello guys,

   I have a new question for all of you lucky STREAMS experts.  Ok,
the thing is, I am not familiar with STREAMS at all, so I am not quite
sure at what to do next.

   What is the ioctl (fd, I_STR, XXXX) thing supposed to do with a
STREAM file handle?  I just can't find any documentation on what this
is for. 

   Is this I_STR thingie done by some higher-level routine (I see
there is a getmsg and putmsg routines declared, is this the way those
routines are implemented, or I am missing the point?).


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