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Re: Getting X on Linux/SGI

To: "Christopher W. Carlson" <>
Subject: Re: Getting X on Linux/SGI
From: Martin Knoblauch <>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 1997 09:07:25 +0200
Organization: Silicon Graphics GmbH, Am-Hochacker 3, D-85630 Grasbrunn
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Christopher W. Carlson wrote:
> Ah!  That's my point.  As a company, the hardware is valued but the
> software isn't.  Just because we *give* software with our hardware
> doesn't mean that we are a software oriented company.  We are
> definitely hardware oriented.

 I have to agree with Chris (a rarely do :-). Past behaviour
of SGI has been that of a "HW oriented Systems Vendor". Which
does not mean that the SW we ship is not important (to the
contrary), but revenue (and profit) come mostly from the sales of

 Only recently we seem to have discovered that some of our SW
products make us real profit. Now, should we transform ourselves
into a software company? I don't think so. I would like to
see us as a solutions provider (HW+base-SW+Added-Value+Support).
Long way to go for us.

> I've been arguing the point that software is as much of value as
> hardware for years.  Look at Bill Gates!  He didn't make it by selling
> hardware.  Unfortunately, I've finally succumbed to the realization
> that SGI is a hardware company first.

 Of course, he did not make his wealth by giving away the
software :-)
> So, if one wants to make any points to upper management, it has
> to be in terms of "how much hardware are we going to sell?"  If
> developing a really powerful *free* operating system, such as
> Linux, will sell lots of boxes, you can bet upper management
> will be interested.

  Yes, the almighty god of the Businesscase :-)

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