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Re: Getting X on Linux/SGI

Subject: Re: Getting X on Linux/SGI
From: (richard offer)
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 09:59:34 -0700
In-reply-to: lm@neteng (Larry McVoy) "Re: Getting X on Linux/SGI" (Jun 20, 9:40am)
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* $ from lm@neteng at "20-Jun: 9:40am" | sed "1,$s/^/* /"
* : Personally, I wouldn't buy an O2 to run Linux.
* OK, we won't try and sell you one.  What about the people that would buy
* an O2 to run Linux?
* You != <the entire customer base>.

This is once again turning into an advocacy war.

We all at some point want to see the same thing, Linux on SGI. Some people are
raging Linux advocates that think its the best thing since sliced bread and
that all other OSs are inherently a Bad Thing[TM], others think it would just
be neat/interesting thing to do. Others may even think that it could possible
damage our competative advantage if we make too much of our hardware details

Unfortunetly, the people that maybe able to help us often fall into the last

If you want a favour from someone you don't start my telling them that what
they've worked on for the last x years is dead and your way is the future.



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