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Re: Getting X on Linux/SGI

To: Steve Alexander <>
Subject: Re: Getting X on Linux/SGI
From: (Larry McVoy)
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 1997 09:45:22 -0700
Cc:, "Christopher W. Carlson" <>,
: lm@neteng (Larry McVoy) writes:
: >We own MIPS.  MIPS sold or licensed 19.2 million chips last year.  About
: >19 million of those were of the type "program the bare metal".
: MIPS Chips != SGI systems.  My question still stands.

Have you forgotten Nintendo 64 sales?

MIPS Chips == $$$ for SGI.  $$$ for SGI is what it is all about, that's what
feeds the light bills.   If making a bunch of hackers happy turns into $$$
for SGI in the long term, then we do it.  At this point, I believe it is 
obvious that that is the case.

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