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Re: FYI - free Windows API

To: (richard offer)
Subject: Re: FYI - free Windows API
From: (Larry McVoy)
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 19:42:18 -0700
: Even a company the size of DEC couldn't persuade more than a handful of
: companies to port their code to Alpha/NT, and this one-man-and-his-band will
: succeed ?

A couple of counters to that:

        a) he's giving it away under the GPL.  Linux used that approach
           and has at least 3 million, some say 6 million, seats.  Linus 
           didn't get all those seats - he was helped.   This guy is 
           asking for help.  Maybe we, SGI, and the other Unix vendors
           should contribute a few percent of our engineering staff to
           all working on this to catch up with u$oft.  Together we stand,
           divided we fall - cliche but uite apropos at the moment.

        b) did you miss the part about the 8086 interpreter so that you
           can just run binaries unmodified?  I haven't tried it but I
           imagine it works.

As a friend at DEC said - "we need to grow the pie, not shrink it.  Linux
grows it.  We all benefit".  I agree.

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