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Re: Good news: no more begging for HW

To: Miguel de Icaza <>
Subject: Re: Good news: no more begging for HW
From: Martin Knoblauch <>
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 1997 20:30:36 +0200
Organization: Silicon Graphics GmbH, Am-Hochacker 3, D-85630 Grasbrunn
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Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> What does "multiple GE" stand for?

 GE == Geometry engine. The part of the OpenGL pipeline that
does the 3D transformations, lighting and other FPU intensive

 Some of our GFX "card" do this stuff on the CPU (your Indy,
O2, some Indigo2), but most adaptors have separate GEs. In
all cases (except O2), you have no direct mapping from virtual
memory into the frame buffer.

> So OpenGL applications can run without an X server, or they have code
> to bypass the X server if they need to?

 The apps use the Xserver to create the windows and do the
window and event managment. On fast, HW accellerated adapters,
they bypass the server when drawing. But they also can draw through
the server (as in the remote display case).

> Sorry, but what does DSO stand for?

 Dynamic Shared Object. Basically our term for Dynamic Shared

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