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Re: hardware independent hinv

To: (Dave Olson)
Subject: Re: hardware independent hinv
From: Raj Mathur <raju@bhairavi>
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 15:26:05 +0530
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Reply-to: raju@bhairavi
>>>>> "Dave" == Dave Olson <> writes:

    Dave> The info definitely isn't in /proc on irix.  Doesn't dmesg
    Dave> have the problem on linux that it has on Sun systems; that
    Dave> is, it only works until enough kernel printfs have happened
    Dave> that the circular buffer wraps?

Yes, just define a printer, (don't need to actually connect one) and
lpr a file. End Of Dmesg(tm) usable output: all you'll get now is "lp:
out of paper" messages.

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