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Re: hardware independent hinv

To: Miguel de Icaza <>
Subject: Re: hardware independent hinv
From: Martin Knoblauch <>
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 09:14:50 +0200
Organization: Silicon Graphics GmbH, Am-Hochacker 3, D-85630 Grasbrunn
References: <>
Miguel de Icaza wrote:
> There was this lovely tool that showed the memory map, with the
> details on the usage.  You could click on say, Emacs, and get a map of
> where Emacs pages were, and it seemed like it could read the symbol
> table information from the process as well (it showed: "No symbols for
> this page").

 That would be "gmemusage" (in a former life "bloatview", with
some really cool desktop icons. Maybe for Linux, we could replace
the pigs with a real fat penguin :-).

> I also saw some printed slides on some program that seemed to let you
> move related functions together in the binary to avoid page faults.
> Can not really tell, as they were flipping trough them really quick.

 That tool is "cord". It uses feedback from prof/pixie experiments.

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