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Re: SuperPenguin

To: "David S. Miller" <>
Subject: Re: SuperPenguin
From: Kevin Needham <>
Date: Thu, 29 May 1997 14:31:35 -0400
Organization: Silicon Graphics Canada
References: <199705291819.OAA02767@jenolan.caipgeneral>
Hi All

> The trick is to find some clever way that you can see both the front
> and the back of the penguin, and thus see both messages on the shirt
> he wears...

One of our ID guys is working on it, he's in Hawaii starting tomorrow so
it won't be done for a week and a half. He'll be rendering the penguin
and animating it with Alias/Wavefront schtuff. I've passed everyone's
comments along, hopefully we'll get something cool ;)


Kevin Needham, Project Manager
Global Web Implementation Services      (613) 798-4747 x233
Silicon Graphics Canada                 (613) 798-4749 FAX                     V-net 675-4333

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