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Re: hardware independent hinv

Subject: Re: hardware independent hinv
From: Miguel de Icaza <>
Date: Wed, 28 May 1997 12:42:17 -0500
In-reply-to: <> (message from Mike Shaver on Wed, 28 May 1997 11:35:27 -0400 (EDT))
> > Just forwarding since it sounds someone hopes that Linux/MIPS
> > will some day have a HW independent hinv... - Ariel
> Do they need more than the /proc stuff?
> Larry has a perl version of hinv that reads from /proc/whatever, I
> seem to recall.

Yesterday I went to see some guy running the University's new Origin
machine, and they showed me some monitoring tools on IRIX, very
impressive tools.  I want them on Linux :-).

There was this lovely tool that showed the memory map, with the
details on the usage.  You could click on say, Emacs, and get a map of
where Emacs pages were, and it seemed like it could read the symbol
table information from the process as well (it showed: "No symbols for
this page").

I also saw some printed slides on some program that seemed to let you
move related functions together in the binary to avoid page faults.
Can not really tell, as they were flipping trough them really quick.

I remember attending a presentation at Usenix where they talked about
this very feature.  This is something else we want in our binutils.


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