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Re: Almost there...

To: (Larry McVoy)
Subject: Re: Almost there...
From: Mike Shaver <>
Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 01:13:20 -0400 (EDT)
In-reply-to: <> from Larry McVoy at "May 11, 97 08:29:38 pm"
Thus spake Larry McVoy:
> Ariel found a diplomat that is going to schlep it through.  We don't
> give up that easy.  And Ralf is getting an Indy as soon as he gets back.
> And David & Inglo are getting shitloads of hardware as soon as they
> work here.

I'm going to try and con another loaner out of the guys up here (hi,
Kev! =) ) when they actually reclaim mine.

Currently, I'm trying to get my laptop to talk to the network under
Linux (can't see the docking station's ethernet) so I can get the
xcompiler on here.  Right now, I'm working off of a DX4/100, and it's
kinda slow going.  I've been putting off a full rebuild of glibc for
the Indy until I get a faster setup.  (I was tempted to set up the
Irix-hosted stuff, but I don't have the machine for long enough to
warrant the effort.)

Tomorrow, I'm going to try to build the nettools and apache with the
xcompiler.  I fear I'm at the edge of my abilities with the current
kernel stuff, although I may try and track down some of the undefined
symbols if I get some time.

(David?  Inglo?)


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