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Almost there...

Subject: Almost there...
From: Mike Shaver <>
Date: Sun, 11 May 1997 20:19:58 -0400 (EDT)

Everything compiles now (had to comment out another PRINT() in
arch/mips/lib/watch.S), and I just have to chase down the undefined
refs that the linker is barfing on.  So picky, these binutils are. =)

In case anyone else is working on this (Miguel?  You get your box
yet?), these are the ones that it's complaining about:

__mips_bh_counter (arch/mips/kernel/softirq.c:do_bottom_half, among
about 8 other places)
copy_sigbits32 (kernel/irixelf.c:irix_core_dump)
initialize_kbd (sgi/prom/misc.c:prom_*)
kh (drivers/char/psaux.c:write_aux_{dev,cmd})
local_irq_count (bunch of places)
rs_init (drivers/char/ttyio.c:tty_init)
serial_console (sgi/kernel/setup.c:sgi_setup)

Mail me if you want patches to my current working set...

I'll probably get back on this tomorrow at some point...I have "real
work" to do tonight. =(


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