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Re: EFS and XFS file systems support

To: (Larry McVoy)
Subject: Re: EFS and XFS file systems support
From: "Christopher W. Carlson" <>
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 1997 14:11:22 -0700
Cc: Steve Alexander <>,
In-reply-to: (Larry McVoy) "Re: EFS and XFS file systems support" (Apr 15, 2:09pm)
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On Apr 15,  2:09pm, Larry McVoy wrote:
> Subject: Re: EFS and XFS file systems support
> At this point, since we are moving away from EFS, it is possible
> that we would be willing to donate a version of the EFS code to
> Linux.  I can probably get that cleared.  But someone else would
> have to do the port, I'm too busy.  If you find someone to do the
> port, let me know.
>-- End of excerpt from Larry McVoy

If you can get it cleared, I'll do the port.

Initially, I'll port it to my system at home and create an EFS
filesystem on a Zip drive and see if I can read it here in the office.

If that all works, then I'll pass my source to one of the other guys
who actually has a linux SGI box.


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