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Re: It booooooooooots!

To: Mike Shaver <>
Subject: Re: It booooooooooots!
From: "Alistair Lambie" <>
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 1997 12:06:27 +0000
In-reply-to: Mike Shaver <> "Re: It booooooooooots!" (Apr 9, 11:56am)
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On Apr 9, 11:56am, Mike Shaver wrote:
> Subject: Re: It booooooooooots!
> Thus spake Alistair Lambie:
> > I used to have probably haven't got a rarp server set up, so it
> > can't find its address.  One of the things David was going to add was that
> > ability to read it out of NVRAM...but that wasn't high on the priority
> >  For now, the only way is to have a rarp server.
> Actually, you can do it with
> boot -f bootp()server:/vmlinux

Forgot that one!!  It all seems so long ago :-)

> It mounts it now (I have the NFS daemon running with debugging on so
> that I can watch) but it just stops after it looks at tty[4123 -- in
> that order].

Have you set up the 'init' environment, or are you just using the plain 'root'
package.  If the later, I seem to remeber that the kernel looks for init, but
doesn't look in the correct place for the shell.  There is a boot argument that
I used to use to get the shell...can't remeber what now, but it was real easy
to find in the kernel source....

Even if you are using init, you might want to just boot the shell first to
track down what is happening!


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