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Re: Status? Ping?

Subject: Re: Status? Ping?
From: Ralf Baechle <ralf@Julia.DE>
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 13:12:18 +0100 (MET)
In-reply-to: <> from "Ariel Faigon" at Mar 26, 97 08:56:58 pm
> :(I'm assuming I just don't get my own messages back, and that they're
> :getting to the rest of the list fine.)
> :
> All Problems fixed.

Which is the reason why I got a subscription ack once again, I guess?

> :I'm supposed to be getting my Indy any day now, and I'm beginning to
> :wonder what state Miguel and Ralf (hi, all!) are at, and what I should
> :start with.  (I've also got some friends here eager to help out, and I
> :think we'll probably start with some basic userland bits.  Probably
> :diskutils, etc.)
> :
> :Do the others have hardware yet?
> Here's the hardware status:
> Miguel: Indy R5000 150MHz 64MB, 2GB, shipped a week ago
> and is apparently stuck in bureaucratic mess. I'll followup
> next week but since all Mexico is going on the Easter/Pasqua?
> vacation it seems it'll probably take over a week to get
> to Miguel.
> Mike: getting his own Indy from the Centennial College
> Fire sale, (w/ Kevin's help?) I assume.
> Ralf: I got an Indy promised from a kind soul. Kind soul
> is extremely busy, I keep probing kind soul every couple
> of days.

Luckily I've got enough other MIPS toys.

> - we have a machine. Not yet set up outside
> the firewall due to the kudzu rush.  I'll get to it soon
> when I'm relieved of other urgent duties.

> :How would I go about getting the source tree, once I get my hardware
> :here?
> :
> Ralf has the most up to date source tree (merge with recent Linux
> snap shot).  The original (David Miller) source tree is on

David's is based on 2.0.14.  One of my updated trees is available on in
/pub/linux/mips/src/kernel/v2.1/linux-  It's is not
the most uptodate tree but I'm working on it.


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