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Subject: Linux/SGI
From: Miguel de Icaza <>
Date: Fri, 7 Mar 1997 13:51:32 -0600

   This is kind of a test message to see if we are (Ralf and I) are on
the SGI Linux mailing list.
   Ralf and I have joined the Linux/SGI project (he will mail his very
own presentation later).  The idea basically is that we will be
getting a machine each one to finish the Linux on SGI port.

   Ralf is the guru behind the original Linux/MIPS, so he will be
handling most of the low-level code in the port.  And I was part of
the team that ported Linux to the SPARC.

   My experience with MIPS hardware is close to none, so I will be
doing other parts of the port.  The very first project I have is to
port the Linux/SPARC SILO boot loader to the SGI.

   Later, make the libc reliable on the MIPS machines and work on the
kernel support for your graphics cards.

   I also would love to get my hands on writing parts of the IRIX
emulation code (to get all those cute toys you have working on
Linux/SGI without recompiling them), maybe also learn a bit about isdn
and your audio chips while writing the drivers for them.

   Once this is done, I would love to write the native/free versions
for some of your libraries that access the cool video hardware on the
SGI machines and make Linux/SGI not just another Linux port, but a
cute port that takes advantage of all of the SGI graphics hardware. 

   So, well, this was like my presentation to the list.  Ahem, now,
I would like to know more about your video hardware for the kernel
support, where can I get information on this?  

   We don't have the machines just yet, but I have been reading this
huge R4k book I got for free from :-)

Best wishes,

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