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Linus is here

Subject: Linus is here
From: (Ariel Faigon)
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 1997 15:15:19 -0800 (PST)
Organization: Silicon Graphics Inc.
Reply-to: (Ariel Faigon)
The story apeared today in the SJM:

Maybe we can invite him for a talk now.
Any takers ?

Article enclosed below for thise without subscriptions:

Peace, Ariel

 Originator of Linux system joins Transmeta in Santa Clara

 BY DAN GILLMOR Mercury News Computing Editor

 Silicon Valley has captured a computing legend -- at least for now.

 Linus Torvalds, the originator and principal architect of the Linux
 operating system run by an estimated 2 million computer users
 worldwide, has moved to the valley from his native Finland. He's
 joined Transmeta Corp., a start-up chip-design company in Santa Clara,
 where he'll work part time. He'll also continue to head up Linux

 Having recently completed his master's degree at the University of
 Helsinki, Torvalds ``didn't have any huge reason to stay'' in Finland,
 he said Tuesday. ``When I got this offer, I said yes.''

 Perhaps more than any other such venture, Linux has shown the power
 and reach of the global Internet, the worldwide network of computer
 networks, where Linux was spawned and from which it draws its
 essential strength. Led by Torvalds, programmers in many countries
 have contributed key pieces of Linux.

 The 27-year-old programmer started the pioneering project in 1990 when
 he was an undergraduate in Helsinki. Linux, a variant of the Unix
 operating system, is freely available on the Internet and has won wide
 plaudits for its quality and utility.

 Torvalds' move to the United States means he won't have to travel far
 in March when he receives an award at the annual trade show held by
 UniForum, a Unix-oriented trade organization, in San Francisco.

 Just getting settled at his new home and job, Torvalds said he's
 particularly enjoying one major change from Finland: ``I can walk
 around in a T-shirt in the middle of February.''

 Published Wednesday, February 26, 1997, in the San Jose Mercury News

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