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Re: Linux: the next step

Subject: Re: Linux: the next step
From: "Sandeep Cariapa" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 1996 14:35:34 -0700
In-reply-to: Steve Alexander <> "Re: Linux: the next step" (Aug 12, 2:20pm)
References: <>
On Aug 12,  2:20pm, Steve Alexander wrote:
> Subject: Re: Linux: the next step
> lm@gate1-neteng (Larry McVoy) writes:
> >You'll have to borrow my copy, Usenix rejected it.  Fuckheads.

No, tell us what you really feel Larry; don't hold back :-)

> No doubt to make room for some paper on TCL scripts or something.  Feh.
> Yeah, if you can make me a copy or convince the authors to send me one I'd
> appreciate it.

Larry, you might want to make this available to the entire Linux mailing
list; I suspect a lot more people would be interested in it. (I am too)

>-- End of excerpt from Steve Alexander

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