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External Linux/MIPS list

Subject: External Linux/MIPS list
From: (Ariel Faigon)
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 15:43:51 -0700 (PDT)
Organization: Silicon Graphics Inc.
In order to prevent confidential data leaks (like random mentions
of Speedracer or Lego), and in order to build critical-mass support
to the Linux port outside SGI. I have created a separate linux mailing list
for non-SGI interested parties. It seems that there is a lot of interest
outside SGI from people who may be important assets for the Linux/MIPS
effort in the future. People who sell Linux CDROMs, talented developers,

I enclose the welcome message for your reference.
if you feel you know someone nice outside who you think should be
on this list (and they agree) just subscribe them by mailing to:

with body:
        subscribe linuxmips  their@email.address

Once we have enough people on that list, I will send a short summary
of the current status to them.

        1) Don't mix between

                linux@engr      (our internal list)


                linuxmips@corp  (free for all)

           [The list-names are different on purpose.]

        2) Feel free to Cc linuxmips@corp  on any message that doesn't
           contain SGI confidential data.

Peace, Ariel

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>From  Mon Jun 24 15:25:28 1996
Date: Mon, 24 Jun 1996 15:26:21 -0700
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Subject: Welcome to linuxmips
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Welcome to the linuxmips mailing list!

To unsubscribe from this list send email to:

with the following line in the _body_ of the message:

    unsubscribe linuxmips _your_email_address_here_

To post a message to this mailing list use this address:

Here's some general information for the linuxmips mailing list:

Welcome to the linuxmips mailing list !

linuxmips will be used to update interested parties
not affiliated with SGI on the status of the ongoing
Linux/MIPS port within SGI.

Thanks to the Linux/MIPS effort going on in Germany
(thanks guys!) and to David Miller's summer's internship at SGI
we expect Linux soon to be running on many SGI platforms and be
able to run IRIX binaries.

We intend to release the port under the GPL as a part
of mainstream Linux and hope that other Linux/MIPS
enthusiasts will join the effort once the first step
is done and released to the net.

Feel free to tell your friends about this list.

-- Ariel (

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