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machine resource?

Subject: machine resource?
From: (Larry McVoy)
Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 15:24:15 -0700
        I've been talking to one of the Linux/MIPs guys in Europe and a 
couple of things came up:

        1. We should get a box up outside the firewall to act as a 
        source repository.  We have space (a small amount) and a
        drop in my lab here in B9.

        2. This guy offered to get a cross development environment
        set up if we gave him a login on a machine.

I'd like to kill two birds here and stick something like a challenge/s
or an indy or whatever the new R5000 is called out there.  

Does anyone have access to some hardware that we could use for this?
If you come up with the hardware, I'll get it installed on the net
(, and help maintain it.

Any ideas?


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