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Linux allocated machines

Subject: Linux allocated machines
From: (Ariel Faigon)
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 18:17:22 -0700 (PDT)
Organization: Silicon Graphics Inc.
Some announcements:

1) The two Indy's allocated for David are in Jeff Thomas old
   office in Building 9 Upper, across from the Matisse conf room.
   One is 6.2 MR and one 5.3 and they're both on the network.

   They both have empty root passwords in order to help you be
   as productive as possible.

    (info) 522 ~> rlogin root@co-op-test.engr
    IRIX Release 5.3 IP22 co-op
    Copyright 1987-1994 Silicon Graphics, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Last login: Wed Apr 24 17:50:23 PDT 1996 by
    co-op 1# 

    (info) 523 ~> rlogin root@divot.engr
    IRIX Release 6.2 IP22 divot
    Copyright 1987-1996 Silicon Graphics, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
    Last login: Wed Apr 24 17:45:36 PDT 1996 by
    divot 1# 

   We plan to upgrade both to 200MHz CPUs so they won't slow us down
   (Thanks Bill).

   The names are historic. We are waiting for David to come up with
   the names he likes best (or whatever you vote for from his list)

2) I marked the room and the machines with big signs so no one
   comes to take these apart. I mailed 'sa@engr' regarding these
   being on a loan from John Loveall to Greg Chesson.

3) I'll be flying to Israel tomorrow, but I'l try to stay in touch
   via email, I'll be back on May 10th. Please do lots of good things
   while I'm gone.

A summary of today's meeting will follow.
Peace, Ariel

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