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Re: David Miller is on the list

To: "David S. Miller" <>
Subject: Re: David Miller is on the list
From: Mike McDonald <>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 12:51:24 -0700

  A dumb question, what exactly is the purpose of porting Linux to
SGI/Mips boxes? At one time, it was proposed as a way that all of the
people how just got dropped from support to maintain there machine's
usefull life. Now, people are talking about embedding linux in
printers and Nintendo boxes! Or as an alternative to Irix on our
current machines. Personally, I think the port should concentrate on
R3K boxes with/without graphics. (It'd be nice if we could release the
info so that X11R6 could be built on the old boxes.) The port should
be a 32 bit port. (Does gcc even support 64 bit MIPS 27 ISA?) It also
be nice if the R3K port would also work on the R4K machines that are
fading away, ie. Indy's, Indigo2's.

  Mike McDonald

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