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(fwd) USELINUX: Linux Applications Development and Deployment Conferenc

Subject: (fwd) USELINUX: Linux Applications Development and Deployment Conference
From: (Larry McVoy)
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 15:05:11 -0700
Newsgroups: comp.os.research
From: (Toni Veglia)
Newsgroups: comp.os.research
Subject: USELINUX:  Linux Applications Development and Deployment Conference
Date: 17 Apr 1996 04:07:09 GMT
Organization: USENIX Association
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Message-ID: <4l1qpd$ivd@darkstar.UCSC.EDU>

USELINUX: Linux Applications Development and Deployment Conference

Co-located with the USENIX Annual Technical Conference

Co-sponsored by Linux International and the USENIX Association
January 6-10, 1997 - Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Anaheim, California

Tutorials:  January 6-7, 1997
Technical Sessions:  January 8-9, 1997
Business Sessions:  January 10, 1997
Keynote:  Wednesday, January 8, 1997
Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions: January 7-9, 1997
Vendor Exhibits:  January 8-9, 1997
Reception: January 8, 1997

Conference Chair Michael K. Johnson, Linux Journal

Michael K. Johnson, Chair, Linux Journal
Mark Bolzern, WorkGroup Solutions
Alan Cox, 3Com Remote Access Products
Jon `maddog' Hall, Esq., Digital Equipment Corporation
Lorrie LeJeune,  O'Reilly and Associates
Dr. Tom Miller, North Carolina State University
Erik Troan, Red Hat Software
Dr. Greg Wettstein, Roger Maris Cancer Center

Jon `maddog' Hall, Esq.,  Chair, Digital Equipment Corporation
Jonathan Eunice, President, Founder, Research Director of lluminata, Inc.
Michael K. Johnson, Editor, Linux Journal
Lorrie LeJeune, Product Manager of Internet and Linux, O'Reilly and Assoc.
Bryan Sparks, President , Caldera, Inc.
Paul Winbauer, Director of Technical Programs, Avnet Computing
Bob Young, President, Red Hat Software, Inc.

Suggestions for Topics:  June 1, 1996
Submissions  Due :  Date:  July 1, 1996
Materials Due Date:  November 13, 1996


The Linux Applications Development and Deployment Conference
(USELINUX)  is aimed at three primary audiences: application
developers porting or developing Linux applications, systems
administrators charged with maintaining Linux systems, and business
people who wish to bring Linux applications to market.  Two
technical tracks on  January 8th and 9th will include separate
components for developers  and systems administrators. A business
track devoted to explaining the  dynamics of the Linux marketplace
and how to partake of it will  take place on January 10.

In addition to the three days of presentations and discussions,
there will be two days of tutorials,  Birds-of-a-Feather sessions,
and Vendor Exhibits.

TUTORIALS--Monday and Tuesday, January 6-7, 1997

We are actively seeking proposals for half or full day tutorials on
practical, technical aspects of using Linux.  If you would like to
present a tutorial, please contact the USENIX tutorial co-ordinator,
Daniel V. Klein.

Phone: 412.421.0285
Fax: 412.421.2332
Email: <>

TECHNICAL TRACK TOPICS - Wednesday and Thursday, January 8-9, 1997

 The technical track will have three components:

- an application developers component  focusing  on topics helpful
in porting and developing Linux applications. These include things
like APIs, including both Linux's levels of compliance with
industry standard APIs and Linux-specific  APIs,  and capabilities
that give extra functionality and/or convenience.

- a system administrators component to  help sysadmins apply their
skills to Linux administration, and also demonstrate some of the
unique and useful features that can make their lives easier.

- a component for enthusiasts involved in developing the Linux
  operating system and environment.

BUSINESS TRACK TOPICS - Friday, January 10, 1997

The business track program will focus on obstacles and challenges
in integrating Linux into a  business.  The target audience are
software application developers, hardware vendors, service
providers, large in-house application developers, and others who
would like to know how to make their business more successful using
Linux.  This  track  will concentrate on business issues such as:

--The Linux Market: Who, What, Where, When and Why?
--Application Portfolios: What is available, what can be done?
--Marketing to the Linux Marketplace
--Channels: Retail, Resellers, Distributors, Integrators, OEMs, Service
--Licenses and Licensing: I don't want to give away my application!!!

In addition to the meetings, there  will be  a compendium of
information on CD-ROM for conference attendees. This will include
copies of the slides, pointers to resources, white papers, lists of
current resellers, user groups, etc.


Suggestions for additional topics and areas where the topics can be
expanded are welcome by June 1, 1996.  The program committee will
then prioritize the topics and create the final list of topics by
July 1st.  The program committee will solicit volunteers to work on
the program, and will balance volunteers with program needs by that

An expanded electronic version of this announcement with greater
detail, as well as the Call for Papers for the USENIX Annual
Technical Conference, is available at  the USENIX Web site:

Proposals for invited talks and panels should be received by July
1, 1996.  We welcome submissions of a full paper or an extended
abstract.  Panel proposals should  contain a list of names of
potential  panelists.  Please send submissions to the conference
program chairs  via one of the following methods.  All submissions
will be acknowledged.

Please send comments, suggestions, and volunteering of time for a
particular area of expertise (including a small bio of your
experience) to the conference program chair via one of the
following methods. Email is greatly preferred.


If you are submitting an idea for the technical track, send email
to:  <> .

For the business program,  send your ideas via email to
<> with the subject line:

Via postal address or fax to:

Michael Johnson or Jon "maddog" Hall, Esq.
USENIX Association
2560 Ninth Street, Suite 215
Berkeley  CA  94710
Fax:  510-548-5738


Vendors will demonstrate their products in a relaxed environment
where attendees can discuss product features and services.

Vendors are invited to participate in the Vendor Exhibits.  This is
an excellent opportunity to receive feedback from our technically
astute audience.  If your company would like to display its
products or services, please contact Cynthia Deno:
Phone:  408-335-9445
Email: <>


BOFs are very informal, attendee-organized sessions held in the
evenings by attendees interested in a particular topic.  They may
be scheduled on-site or in advance by contacting the USENIX
Conference Office.  Send email to <> or
phone 714-588-8649.


USENIX is the UNIX and Advanced Computing Systems Technical and
Professional Association.  Since 1975 the USENIX Association has
brought together the community of engineers, system administrators,
scientists, and technicians working on the cutting edge of the 
computing world.

The USENIX Conferences have become the essential meeting grounds for
the presentation and discussion of the most advanced information on 
new developments in all aspects of advanced computing systems.

 The USENIX Association and its members are dedicated to:
 --problem-solving with a practical bias,
 --fostering innovation and research that works,
 --communicating rapidly the results of both research and innovation,
 --providing a neutral forum for the exercise of critical thought and 
   the airing of technical issues.

SAGE, a Special Technical Group within the USENIX Association, is
dedicated to the recognition and advancement of system administration
as a profession.  To join SAGE, you must be a member of USENIX.


Linux International (LI) is a new organization dedicated to
promoting  the development and use of the Linux operating system
worldwide. LI  promotes Linux in various ways:

*  LI  has established a "Development Grant Fund" which is
 used to help Linux developers afford hardware and software that
 they need  to continue development. The money in the fund is
 primarily given by  Linux users eager to contribute to Linux

*  LI facilitates Linux activities at conferences and trade shows.

*  LI's Vendor Assistance Program offers vendors various kinds
 of assistance in porting their products to Linux.

*  LI's Linux Promotion Project disseminates promotional
 materials, including press releases, all over the world. What's
 the point of a world-class operating system if people don't know
 it exists?

See the LI home page at"; or send email
to <>  for more information.


The complete program will be available in September 1996.  To
receive a registration package,  please contact:

 USENIX Conference Office
 22672 Lambert Street, Suite 215
 Lake Forest, CA  92630
 Phone:  714.588.5738
 Fax:  714.588.9706

Or you can send email to our mailserver at <>.  Your
message should contain the line: "send linux conferences" and 
the program will be sent to you.

Larry McVoy     (415) 933-1804
Copyright 1996, all rights reserved.   Microsoft Network is prohibited from
redistributing this work in any form, in whole or in part without license.
License to distribute this work is available to Microsoft at $500.
Transmission without permission constitutes an agreement to these terms.

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