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WWW: Linux in High-Performance Computing (fwd)

Subject: WWW: Linux in High-Performance Computing (fwd)
From: (Bruce A. Templeton)
Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 15:33:41 -0800
Organization: Silicon Graphics, Inc. Mountain View, CA
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I'm starting a new WWW site devoted to research and applications of Linux
in all aspects of high-performance computing, including parallel and
distributed systems, high-speed networks and interconnects, symmetric
multiprocessing, applications (including database systems, multimedia and
machine vision, and file servers), and parallel languages.

The goal of this page is to bring together links and documents on research
projects as well as commercial products involving the use of Linux in these

Linux is a free POSIX-compatible UNIX clone which runs on 386/486/Pentium
and Alpha-based systems. Because all of the source (including the kernel)
is copylefted, it's an attractive operating system for people involved in
operating systems and clustered-computing research. The complete operating
system and thousands of applications are free, and it runs on inexpensive
commidity PC hardware. 

I'd like to expose and promote Linux as an O/S alternative for research
and teaching in high-performance systems. The Linux-HPC page is

If you're involved in parallel/networking systems work related to Linux,
please feel free to contribute to these pages my sending e-mail to

M. Welsh,
U-Net hacker
Cornell University Computer Science Department
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  Bruce A. Templeton            
  Silicon Graphics Inc.                   (415) 933-3872

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