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kernel hacking noise

Subject: kernel hacking noise
From: (Larry McVoy)
Date: Thu, 29 Feb 1996 10:26:11 -0800
        I'm working with a guy at Rutgers that is doing the sparc linux ports.
We're trying to get him in here this summer to do a mips linux port.  Anyway,
we have a lot of discussions going on about kernel performance hacks, etc.
To me, and possibly to other OS hackers, they are really interesting (stuff
like optimizing system entry costs - he went from 128 usecs to 3 on a sparc
classic).  I know there is a subset of the people on this list that might be
interested in seeing this mail, but I don't know if the whole list wants to
see it.  The volume is typically 1-10 messages / day.  

        What I want to know is would anyone on this list _not_ like to see
this mail?  If you don't reply, I'll assume it is OK with you.  If you do 
reply, then I'll create a separate list for the kernel hacking.  


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