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memory mapping for MIPS 4Kc

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Subject: memory mapping for MIPS 4Kc
From: Waren Hardy <>
Date: Wed, 07 Nov 2001 16:50:46 -0800
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I have a small prototype board with a mips 4kc on it and I have linux running. I have to megs of sram mapped how do i map in sdram ?

the memory map looks like

0000.0000 - 0001f.ffff 2M SRAM
0020.0000 - 0020.1fff 8K Embedded SRAM CPU
0020.2000 - 002f.fffff reserved
0030.0000 - 0030.ffff 64K Chip registers
0031.0000 - 00ff.ffff reserved
0100.0000 - 01ff.ffff 16M SDRAM
0200.0000 - 1fb0.ffff SDRAM
1fc0.0000 - 1fdf.ffff 2M ROM / FLASH
0060.0000 - ffff.ffff SDRAM

how do I get linux to read this 16M SDRAM @ 0100.000 - 01ff.ffff ? Then how do I get linux to read RAM @ 0200.000 - 1fb0.ffff and 0060.000 - ffff.ffff ?

We have our own load which is loading linux from ROM, and we can pass arg to linux, can the memory be set as an argument passed ?

Thanks for you help

Warren Hardy

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